The FDR product family

The FDR (Fast Dump Restore) family comprises a wide range of mainframe data management products. This section discusses FDRINC, or FDRABR (FDR Automatic Backup and Recovery), as it is used for backup and recovery. FDRINC runs as a set of batch jobs in a z/OS environment. Unlike DFSMSHSM, FDRINC does not have an associated started task, and so does not have any logon facility, as there is nothing to log into. The FDRABR pages include:

The components that make up FDRINC, the ABR catalog, ABR disk initialisation, and ABR backup datasets
FDRINC, FDRINC disk based backups
FDRAPPL, how to use FDRINC for application backups

The FDRARC component of FDRABR can also be used to archive stale data off to tape, but that is not mentioned here.

Other FDR components include

People often come to this page looking for an explanation of the .fdr file extension. This has nothing to do with FDRABR, the .fdr extension is used for Final Draft document Files. Final Draft is a word processor specifically designed for writing movie and television scripts and stage plays.

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  FDRABR pages

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