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General Storage News

IBM Storage

Expect more from your storage: Introducing IBM Storwize V7000 Unified
New storage solutions rais expectations about performance, efficiency and ease of use. Store more – and more diverse – data with higher capacity drives, more remote mirroring options and integrated support for file storage.

Flexibility, automation, scalability and optimized performance
IBM System Storage DS8800 - Improve storage efficiency, throughput, and capacity with Easy Tier three tier support, larger drives, and advanced IBM zEnterprise integration. Expect your storage to automatically analyze, adapt to, and improve application performance.

IBM XIV, the industry’s most agile storage system
Improve efficiency for top tier workloads, combining unique XIV capabilities with high capacity 3TB drives maintains consistently high application performance and now stores 50% more data.

Hu Yoshidas blog

Hitachi Unveils New capabilities for Digital Transformation at VMworld 2016
Thu, 25 Aug 2016

Hitachi will unveil significant new capabilities at VMworld 2016, August 28 to September 1 in Las Vegas to help customers realize the full power of digital transformation.


One of the objectives of digital transformation is to accelerate cost efficiency and time to market by rethinking operations and process. Converged and hyper-converged systems are key enablers for this.


Hitachi’s Unified Compute Platform (UCP) has been fully integrated with VMware’s NSX network virtualization platform to automate network functions and improve security. Hitachi has expanded their OEM agreement with VMware to include NSX for use with Hitachi UCP.


VMware and Hitachi will feature this in a breakout session where the presenters will fully virtualize SAP Business Warehouse Powered by HANA and extend this reference architecture to cover virtual networks and software defined storage and cover the rationale and specific use case behind VMware NSX micro-segmentations for mission-critical architectures.”


The SDDC: Full Stack on vSphere 6.0 SAP Business Warehouse Powered By HANA, NSX, vRealize Operations, SDS-Virtual Volumes on Hitachi Unified Platform [VIRT8074]

Wednesday, Aug 31, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Presented by:

  • Bob Goldsand, Staff Partner Architect, VMware
  • Gregory Smith, VP SAP Field Alliance Americas, Hitachi


In another Breakout session, Deluxe corporation and Hitachi will present how to deploy scalable cloud operations using vRealize suite, deliver self-service access to infrastructure and applications catalog, and enable policy-based provisioning and management of network functions using NSX. This is also an opportunity to hear about the lessons learned by Deluxe Corp., as they continue their digital transformation from a market leader in check manufacturing to a provider of marketing solutions and other services to help financial institutions and small businesses operate more efficiently through their cloud offering.  Brad Skeel, Cloud Architect from Deluxe will also discuss how they are leveraging VMware and Hitachi Converged Infrastructure to introduce policy-driven private cloud operations for on-demand delivery of IT services.”


How to Automate Cloud Operations with vRealize and NSX Featuring Lessons Learned from Deluxe Corp’s Transformation [MGT9997-SPO]

Wednesday, Aug 31, 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Presented by:

  • Brad Skeel, Cloud Architect, Deluxe Corporation
  • Shawn McDonald, Director - Strategic Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems



Other announcements at his VMworld include:


Hitachi UCP HC V240 hyper-converged system now supports Docker container technology for improved application agility and portability.


All flash versions of its entire converged and hyper-converged infrastructure platforms, including the Hitachi UCP 4000, UCP 4000e, and UCP HC V240.


Significant enhancements to Hitachi’s support for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVol) that provide high availability, better performance, simplified storage management and control for virtualized environments


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2016 Flash Summit Validates the Future of Flash is Now
Wed, 17 Aug 2016

The 2016 Flash Summit concluded last week in Santa Clara and although I was not able to attend this year, all the proceedings are available online. There is a wealth of information. If there is anything you want to know about flash technology, flash futures, and flash use cases you can probably find it in these proceedings. A common message in this summit is that flash is ready for prime time and you are wasting your money buying disks. Marc Staimer’s presentation on Why Flash Should Be Used For Every Workload showed that from every perspective; performance, reliability, availability, infrastructure costs, capacity, density, power consumption, productivity, and end user experience, flash had much better TCO and ROI than hard disks.

Matt Pujol.jpg


While the street price of the most flash media may not be lower than SATA disks, our 7TB FMDs with embedded compression is already lower in cost than 15K RPM hard drives on a per bit bases. Storage Switzerland’s George Crump interviewed our Director of Flash Storage, Matt Pujol, on the technology behind our 7TB FMD. Matt hinted at a 14TB flash FMD in the near future.  Seagate unveiled a 60 TB SSD at this year’s Summit, so we can expect to see the capacities of flash modules accelerate way beyond what disk technology  will be able to deliver. Disk vendors like Seagate understand this and are changing their product mix.


Dan King, Director of Information Service and Support for Wellmark, presented How to Fund Flash Storage where he showed that even when the cost of flash was higher when he went to an all flash VSP 1000, the savings in OPEX more than offset the CAPEX costs. While most people focus on CAPEX, his philosophy was to go against the grain and use CAPEX to reduce OPEX which is usually 80% of the total cost.


Instead of performance, the primary reason for buying flash over disks now is higher capacity and lower cost.


With the movement to all flash data centers will there be enough fab plants to generate the DIMMs required to meet this demand? (fab is a semiconductor fabrication plant which costs several billions of USD to build).  After a period of time when no new fabs were being built it looks like the semiconductor vendors are starting to crank up the fabs again to meet the demands of the memory market. At the Flash Summit there was a session devoted to the China Flash market. In this session Cui Hao from WatchStor a leading technology media company in China,  presented Flash Anytime Everywhere in which he said that Institutions in China predict that by 2016-2017, China will build 10 fabs, with a total investment of one hundred billion! Press reports show Intel and Samsung are spending billions for new fabs and SK Hynix plans to invest $38.9 B to build 3 new fabs by 2024. In order to recover their billions of dollars in fab investments these vendors must be planning on selling a lot of DIMMs. So it looks like we will have enough supply to meet demand.


We used to say that the future of the data center is Flash. That future is today

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